I go elsewhere..

My loved ones are telling me I have body dysmoprphia…

…for you, Victorious Dead…

I don’t know anything about this

I swear I’m not like my mom

I’m optimistic

With every swallow every heartbeat

You sense the water in your body

It’s hard to miss this

~ Elsinore, Body of Water

I will not bleed for your memory

Because I see the legs are rotting on that pedestal you love so much to sit

It’s been nearly a year and two months since she killed herself. I’m not angry with her anymore, I just miss her. I miss my mom.

This is probably going to come off as callous…but quite often I tire of people advertising about how depressed they are. I go through bouts of depression like most people, especially during times of crisis. However, I don’t once remember ever thinking that posting comments online to let the entire world know that my life sucks more than theirs, just in case they were thinking that they had in fact seen the darker of pits, would make me feel better. Depression is not a choice, sure. It is however your choice to try and do something about it. Exercise, eat healthy, get fresh air, draw, sing, dance, write…do what makes you happy and if all that fails, well then try some meds. But don’t act like it’s a cool trend to post one liners about.